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RRP stands at the forefront of integrated planning solutions, seamlessly combining the realms of water and transportation to craft resilient, efficient, and livable communities. 

What We Do
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Shaping Ideas Into Solutions

At RRP, innovation and expertise converge to shape the future of sustainable urban and regional development. With a team of dedicated professionals specializing in both water resource management and transportation planning, we offer a diverse array of services that bridge these critical sectors:

Water Planning Services:

  1. Water Supply Management: We design reliable and efficient water supply systems, taking into account source identification, conveyance infrastructure, and storage facilities to ensure a consistent supply for various needs.

  2. Wastewater Treatment Solutions: Our expertise in wastewater treatment plant design ensures the effective removal of pollutants from domestic, industrial, and commercial wastewater, safeguarding public health and the environment.

  3. Stormwater Management: We engineer stormwater management systems that prevent flooding, erosion, and water quality degradation, creating a resilient infrastructure that responds to changing weather patterns.

  4. Water Reuse and Recycling: Our solutions for water reuse and recycling enable sustainable practices by treating wastewater for non-potable purposes, and conserving precious freshwater resources.

  5. Environmental Impact Assessment: We conduct comprehensive assessments to identify potential environmental impacts and devise strategies to mitigate them, ensuring compliance with regulations and best practices.

Transportation Planning Services:

  1. Transit-Oriented Development (TOD): Our expertise in TOD planning creates vibrant communities centered around efficient public transit systems, reducing congestion and promoting sustainable urban growth.

  2. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS): We harness advanced technologies to design intelligent transportation networks, incorporating real-time data, smart traffic management, and responsive infrastructure.

  3. Active Transportation Infrastructure: Our designs integrate pedestrian-friendly walkways, cycling lanes, and green spaces, fostering active lifestyles and environmentally conscious transportation alternatives.

  4. Resilient Mobility Solutions: We develop transportation systems that withstand the challenges of climate change, ensuring the continued functionality of roads, bridges, and transit during extreme events.

  5. Community Engagement: Our community-centered approach involves stakeholders in the planning process, ensuring that our solutions reflect the unique needs and aspirations of the places we serve.


What Makes RRP Unique?

Holistic Expertise: Our multidisciplinary team seamlessly blends water and transportation expertise, providing integrated solutions that harmonize these vital sectors.

Innovation and Technology: We leverage cutting-edge tools and data analysis to inform our planning, resulting in optimized designs and efficient infrastructure solutions.

Environmental Stewardship: Our commitment to sustainability drives us to design infrastructure that respects the environment, conserves resources, and minimizes ecological impact.

Proven Success: Our portfolio showcases a track record of successful projects that embody our dedication to excellence, innovation, and community collaboration.

We don't just plan infrastructure; we design experiences that enhance mobility, conserve resources, and elevate the quality of life. Join us on our journey to shape a future where water and transportation intertwine seamlessly, fostering thriving communities for generations to come.

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Communities want to be unique, vibrant and a place where people want to work, live and play. At RRP, we help our clients shape their ideas into creating their Destination Community.  This is done by drawing on the expertise of our diverse staff to offer economic solutions in planning and zoning, engineering and environmental.


RRP has the capabilities in the planning and design of drainage and flood protection systems. Wet weather can significantly impact drainage systems and watersheds. We work with regional utilities and communities to manage stormwater and its effects on public health and the environment. Our solutions often combine grey and green infrastructure while balancing cost, level of service, maintenance, constructability, public acceptance, implementation, and environmental concerns.




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